Update and future pricing.

Update and future pricing.

Hello all. Just wanted to post a quick update around our future plans. We've already announced out Kickstarter plans for next year on our main website sythopianwars.com. As part of our ongoing efforts to expand our range we hope to be bringing many more minis to the tabletop. This of course means changing things up as we head forward, including our current introductory sets. 

Anyone who has followed us knows about our journey to get this far and our plans moving forward. The release of the Founders Set has been 2 years in the making and it has been fantastic to get new players involved however, after the Kickstarter the Founders set will be being retired and replaced with something new. We will also be making adjustments to current pricing strategy as at the moment our sets are at introductory prices and may need to be reassesed so that we can keep pushing forward. This is not something we do lightly as the game has and always will come before profit.

With this in mind the cost of the Spider has gone up today. After reviewing the model with the manufacturer this model was inadvertently underpriced. We are sorry for any issues this causes. We do not plan on any more increases in the near future and will always be open about our decisions.

Thank you


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