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Sythopian Wars Founders Set

Sythopian Wars Founders Set

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The Wars have begun and you have been chosen to decide the fate of this new world.

The Founders Set gives you what you need to play Sythopian Wars, the new science fantasy tabletop wargame. This set includes 2 starting armies, the Confederation and their enemies the Asylumists, totalling 24 resin miniatures, their corresponding command tokens and an explosive token.

Once assembled, this set allows 2 players to battle it out in this new wargame with a heavy focus on tactics and your opponent's reactions.

Confederation set includes:

5 x Convict Drones

5 x Tin-Men

3 x Recon Drones

Asylumist set Includes:

5 x Horde

5 x Death Squad

1x Death Spider

Models come unassembled. Each unit consists of multipart variations with individual parts for more customization options. Please note that units will be provided with different ratios of these variations.  Head to for more information, rules, and videos. These miniatures are not toys and are only suitable for ages 14+.

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Dive into the game, check out the lore and pledge your allegience to your army. As we move on from our startup phase we will be introducing more for you to see and collect.