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Confederation Convict Drones

Confederation Convict Drones

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This set Includes 5 multipart resin Convict Drones and 30mm circular bases. These minis are 45mm tall when assembled and stood upright.

Once, they were the protected children of the Council, but now they are imprisoned within an inescapable, mobile coffin. Forced to serve or die they strike from afar with their powerful Hellbore Rifles punching holes through their enemies, their buildings, and anything else in their path. No matter the danger they will push onward, if they do not their masters and their suits take measures to ensure that if you fail in their duty, your organs will fail as well.

Models come unassembled. Each unit consists of 2 multipart variations with 2 individual parts for more customization options. Please note that units will be provided with 3 of a single variant and 2 of the other, but these variants may not be the same in every box. Head to for more information, rules, and videos. These miniatures are not toys and are only suitable for ages 14+.

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